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Monday, 10 February 2014

RCMA Students

RCMA Students

RCM Student

Whether you are a university student, a lecturer, a professional or are retired, you will find like-minded people at Regional College of Management (Autonomous).

rcm students

 Diversity is a hallmark of RCM students. They come from a variety of geographic, educational, and work backgrounds.In addition, Post-Graduate students from many departments at RCM enroll in Management courses. Students learn from each other, sharing their experiences and perspectives both through course work and through the informal 'networking' that takes place when a small group continually works together.
rcm students

Regional College of Management attract applicants from all over India, from all walks of life. Some are university students seeking extra credit and experience; others are professionals eager to broaden their horizons and learn something new during their summer break.

rcm students

Our programmes are academically rigorous. In addition to classroom contact hours we ask you to prepare for your experience by reading and researching in advance of your arrival in RCM. This preparation will increase your enjoyment and enhance your capacity for critical thinking.

For more dtails about RCMA Students please move on www.rcm.ac.in/students.php


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