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Thursday, 10 April 2014


It is a billion dollar question... The answer is simple.

  • Universities are rules driven. They cannot innovate and offer industry relevant system of teaching and training. That is why all the top B. Schools in India including IIMs, XLRI, MDI, IMI, ISB and RCM (Autonomous) are in the autonomous sector offering PGDM programme.
  • To prove this point please note that among the top 50 B.Schools in India only 3 are offering MBA programmes. All others are offering PGDM.
  • Companies always prefer PGDM candidates as they know the product will meet their requirement.
  • PGDM students can enroll for Ph.D also if it has AIU recognition.

First TrimesterFourth Trimester

PGDC 101Principles of Management
PGDC 102Organizational Behavior
PGDC 103Managerial Economics
PGDC 104Quantitative Techniques for Managers
PGDC 105Financial A/c for Managerial Application
PGDC 106Marketing Management
PGDC 107Managerial Computing
PGDC 108Communicative English
PGDL 101Managerial Computing Lab.
PGDL 102Communicative English Lab.

MBS 401Summer Internship Project
MBS 402Entrepreneurship Management

Specialization Area - I


Specialization Area - II


Second TrimesterFifth Trimester

PGDC-201Marketing Management -I
PGDC-202Human Resource Management
PGDC-203Financial Management- I
PGDC 204Management Science
PGDC 205Operations Management-I
PGDC 206Economic Environment for Business
PGDC 207Business Communication
PGDL 201Business Communication Lab.

MBS 501Business Ethics and corporate
MBS 502Seminar Presentation

Specialization Area - I


Specialization Area - II


Third TrimesterSixth Trimester

PGDC-301Marketing Management-II
PGDC-302Employee Relations
PGDC-303Financial Management- II
PGDC 304Business Research
PGDC 305Operations Management - II
PGDC 306Management Information System
PGDC 307Banking Insurance Management
PGDL 301Management Information System Lab
PGDL 302Personality Growth Lab.

MBS 601Dissertation Governance Presentation

Specialization Area - I


Specialization Area - II


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