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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why MCA?

It is another billion dollar question... The answer is simple.

  • RCM(A) is the only college which provides BEST OF BOTH WORLDS scenario for Students by providing an MCA degree from Biju Pattnaik University of Technology (BPUT) which has a soul of Master in Computer Application because of the Autonomous status of the establishment
  • The course curriculum of MCA is industry oriented and directed to make the students equipped with current real world global business scenarios like in PGDM programmes
  • MCA students can enroll into PhD program
MCA - 1st. year
First Simester

MPC 101

MPC 102
Programming in C

MPC 103
Discrete Mathematics

MPC 104
Financial Accounting

MPC 105
Enterprise Resource Planning-I

MHM 106
Communication English

MLA 107
Programming In C Lab

MLA 108
Microprocessor Lab

MLA 109
Communication English Lab

Second Simester

MPC 201
Operating System

MPC 202
Data Structure with C++

MPC 203
Numerical Methods , Probability and Statistics

MPC 204
Enterprise Resource Planning-II (E-Commerce)

MPC 205
Rational Database Management System

MHM 206
Business Communication-I

A 207
Data Structure using C++ Lab

MLA 208
Operating System Lab

MLA 209
Project –I (OOPS)

MLA 210
Business Communication Lab-I

Third Simester

MPC 301
Analysis and Design of Algorithm

MPC 302
Advanced Data Base Management System

MPC 303
Internet & Web Technology

MPC 304
Programming with Java

MPC 305
Computer Network

MHM 306
Business Comm.-II

MLA 307

MLA 308
Java Lab

MPR 309
Project – II (Java & RDMBS)

MLA 310
Comm. English Lab-II

MCA - 2nd. year
Fourth Simester

MPC 401
Enterprise Java

MPC 402
Software Engineering & OOAD

MPC 403
Strategic IT Management

MPC 404
Computer Graphics & Multimedia

MPC 405
Data warehousing & Data Mining

MLA 406
Elective – I

MLA 407
Enterprise Java Lab

MLA 408
Graphics lab

MPR 409
Project - III

Fifth Simester

MHM 501
Quantitative Techniques

MPC 502
Computer security

MPC 503
E-Business B2C

MPR 504
Elective - II

MPE 505

MLA 506
Computer security Lab

MLA 507
E-Business lab

MSE 508

Sixth Simester

MPR 601
Thesis ((Participants have to find guide from either partner)

Elective - I

Theory of Computations

Advanced Operating System

Parallel Computing


Web Engineering

Elective - II

Soft Computing

Embeded Systems

Fault Tolerant Systems

Image Processing

Mobile Computing

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