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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why MBA?

It is another billion dollar question... The answer is simple.

  •  RCM(A) is the only college which provides BEST OF BOTH WORLDS scenario for Students by providing an MBA degree from Biju Pattnaik University of Technology (BPUT) which has a soul of PGDM because of the Autonomous status of the establishment
  • The course curriculum of MBA is industry oriented and directed to make the students equipped with current real world global business scenarios like in PGDM programmes
  • MBA students can enroll into PhD program

First TrimesterFourth Trimester

PGDC 101Principles of Management
PGDC 102Organizational Behavior
PGDC 103Managerial Economics
PGDC 104Quantitative Techniques for Managers
PGDC 105Financial A/c for Managerial Application
PGDC 106Marketing Management
PGDC 107Managerial Computing
PGDC 108Communicative English
PGDL 101Managerial Computing Lab.
PGDL 102Communicative English Lab.

MBS 401Summer Internship Project
MBS 402Entrepreneurship Management

Specialization Area - I


Specialization Area - II


Second TrimesterFifth Trimester

MBC-201Marketing Management -I
MBC-202Human Resource Management
MBC-203Financial Management- I
MBC 204Management Science
MBC 205Management A/c for Decision Making
MBC 206Operations Management-I
MBC 207Management Information System
MBC 208Communicative English
MBL 201Management Information System Lab.
MBL 202Business Communication Lab.

MBS 501Business Ethics and corporate
MBS 502Seminar Presentation

Specialization Area - I


Specialization Area - II


Third TrimesterSixth Trimester

MBC-301Financial Management-II
MBC-302Employee Relations
MBC-303Economic Environment for Business
MBC 304Business Research
MBC 305Business Law
MBC 306OPerations Management-II
MBC 307Banking Insurance Management
MBC 308Strategic Management
MBL 301Personality Growth Lab.

MBS 601Dissertation Governance Presentation

Specialization Area - I


Specialization Area - II


Marketing (Elective Course)Systems & IT (Ele.Course)

Fourth Trimester

MBE 411Consumer Behaviour
MBE 412Sales and distribution Management
MBE 413Advertising Management

Fifth Trimester
MBE 414Service Marketing
MBE 415Product and Brand Management

Sixth Trimester
MBE 416Rural Marketing

Fourth Trimester

MBE 442System Analysis & Design
MBE 443Business Functions & Processes

Fifth Trimester
MBE 444Enterprise Resource Planning
MBE 445Business data Comm. & Network

Sixth Trimester
MBE 446Information Security & Cyber Law
MBE 447E-Commerce

Finance (Elective Course)Operation Mgmt. (Ele. Cour)

Fourth Trimester

MBE 421Invest Management
MBE 422Financial Services & Market
MBE 423International Finance & Risk Management

Fifth Trimester
MBE 424Portfolio Management
MBE 425Financial Derivates
MBE 426Financial Market & Institutions

Sixth Trimester
MBE 427Project Appraisal
MBE 428Strategic Financial Management

Fourth Trimester

MBE 451Material Management
MBE 452Project Planning & Control
MBE 453Advance Maintenance Mgmt.

Fifth Trimester
MBE 454Supply Chain Management and Logistic
MBE 455Total Quality Management and 6 SIGMA
MBE 456Service Operations Management

Sixth Trimester
MBE 457Project Planning & Control
MBE 458Technology Management

HR (Elective Course)Core Paper(MBA 2nd. Year )

Fourth Trimester

MBE 431Human Resource Planning & Recruit
MBE 432Training & Development
MBE 433Labour Laws

Fifth Trimester
MBE 434HRD Systems & Instruments
MBE 435Performance Management System
MBE 436Organization Change & Development

Sixth Trimester
MBE 437Compensation Management
MBE 438Strategic & International HRM

Fourth Trimester

MBS 401Summer Internship
MBC 402Entrepreneurship Management

Fifth Trimester
MBC 501Business Ethics and corporate Government
MBS 502Seminar Presentation

Sixth Trimester
MBS 601Dissertation

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